Creating a Simple Wash Day Routine for Healthy Hair

Creating a Simple Wash Day Routine for Healthy Hair

Posted by Mosara Kenya | Sep 7, 2020

The number one objective when building a natural hair wash day routine should always be to cause as little damage to your hair as possible. Working with afro-textured hair requires patience and the right set of tools and products. This helps to avoid causing unnecessary knotting and breakage. A health hair care routine will leave your hair soft, moisturized and easy to manage for at least a few days.

Mosara's range of hair products is created to help keep African (afro-textured) hair moisturized.  Our tagline #discovermoisture, a key goal we aim to achieve in every products. Discover our full range here.

The products are simple to use and are suitable for natural, relaxed, dreadlocked and colour treated hair. Coupled with a wide-toothed comb and a shower cap, they are everything you need for healthy beautiful hair.

Building Your Wash Day Routine.

Below is a simple regimen using the Mosara Range of products, Make sure to set aside some time to care for your hair so you are not in a hurry and or under any stress.

Having a simple wash day routine makes caring for your hair fun and fulfilling.

A good wash day routine can take anywhere between one to two hours depending on the length and condition of your hair. This time is not continuous as there are minutes when all you need to do is let the products work their magic.

Let’s begin.

STEP 1: Pre-poo (time needed 3-10 minutes)

Apply the rich conditioner as a pre-shampoo treatment to dry hair. It’s best to leave it in for a few minutes till you can feel your hair has absorbed the product. This step makes it so much easier to work with your hair for every step hereafter.

Be generous but don’t use too much product.

Section your hair as it continues to absorb the product and either twist/braided it up or use a hair clip or hair tie to keep the sections intact. A useful trick I have learned here is to get the sections as straight as possible on your scalp to avoid forcefully grabbing hair from another section.

STEP 2: Detangle (time needed 20 minutes)

Stretch out your hair in the section you are working with and with your fingers gently pull out any shed hairs that have already settled into your ends.

Use your fingers again to make sure every strand in the section is stretched out and proceed to detangle with either a wide-toothed comb or the trusty old fingers.

Detangle your hair working from the first section you created to the last to ensure each of them has had a little more time to absorb the conditioner.

You can now leave your hair like this under a shower cap for about 10 minutes if it has been really dry and especially if you have just taken off a protective style like braids or proceed to the next step.

STEP 3: Shampoo (time needed 5-10 minutes)

Rinse out the conditioner and Shampoo your hair as usual with our sulfate-free shampoo. Make sure to foam up the shampoo in your hands first before applying it directly to your scalp. We picked up this wonderful tip from the internet and let’s just say it has been a game-changer for many of us. It means less product used and an easy way to ensure you are not over-washing your scalp. Think of it like using a foam cleanser on your face rather than directly applying a bar of soap.

Something to point out here as well, some people like to wash their hair sections while others don’t. It’s really up to you. Washing in sections, however, reduces the amount of detangling you will have to do in the long run. We highly recommend it.

STEP 4: Deep Condition (time needed 15-30 minutes)

Once you have rinsed out your shampoo, wrap your hair in a towel or t-shirt to soak up as much of the water in it as possible. It is always easier and safer for your hair strands when you work with damp hair rather than soaking wet hair.

If you washed your hair in sections, this is where you save time. Apply the deep treatment masque comb through to detangle and distribute the product in each section and repeat throughout your head. If you didn’t, well just re-section your hair and proceed.

Wear a shower cap and leave the product in for 10- 30 minutes or longer if you like. Use either a hot towel, a hooded drier or a steam drier(make sure to remove the shower cap if you are using a steamer). When using heat, you don’t need to leave it in for longer than 15 minutes though 10 minutes works too. Make you wait time shorter by picking up your favourite book/magazine or catch up on some social media.

Rinse off the deep treatment and you are nearly on your way. It is still a good idea to keep your hair in sections.

STEP 5: Leave-in Conditioner (time needed 5 minutes)

Apply the hydrating butter as you leave-in conditioner or as the cream ‘C’ if you use the LOC/LCO method.

Take-down the sections and style your hair as usual.

STEP 6: Re-Moisturize (time needed 5-10 minutes)

Sometimes your hair will feel dry between washes. Pay special attention to how your ends feel to find the best time to re-moisturize. For some of us, it’s every other day, while for others once a week or two.

We recommend the moisture milk for this purpose, whenever you feel your hair starts to feel dry, especially if your hair is in its open state (meaning unbraided). Simply spray some water into your hair and apply a small amount of product throughout your hair.

If your hair is in braids or any other protective style you can dilute the product by adding some into your water bottle and spray it on as needed.

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