3 natural hair trends to try before 2020

3 natural hair trends to try before 2020

Posted by Mosara Kenya | Sep 8, 2020

If you’re willing to try out fashion, why not try a natural hair trend? We all complain that we don’t know what to do with our hair. We’re either bored with protective styling or we’re bored twisting and retwisting. Who wouldn’t be? Sometimes trends are there to help guide on what to do with our hair. What better time to experience than the last three months of the 2010s era! Not only did this era bring us the natural hair movement but it also taught us how to play around with our curls and coils without altering them. Without further ado, we give you 3 natural hair trends to try before 2020.


If you’re thinking what’s the point of wigs if you’re learning how to love your hair and your natural texture, we can only to keep an open mind and read on. For the longest time, wigs were worn by black people as a way of hiding their natural hair textures which weren’t straight. We only wore wigs, so we have straight and manageable hair. But today, the natural hair movement has taught us to unlearn that self-hate and learn to love our natural textures. This natural hair trend was made into a protective hairstyle. Wearing wigs means you have cornrows underneath it which is one of the best protective hairstyles. Women have experienced up to 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) of growth just with cornrows.

Wigs allow you to play around with hair, textures, colours without damaging your own. Wigs allow for low manipulation, which equals to retaining moisture. You only have to remove the cornrows every 4-6 weeks, wash and deep treat your hair to give it some much-needed TLC, like you would do for any other protective hairstyle.

Maybe a few cons…

Watch out ladies! Like everything in life, wigs also have a few cons. Let’s start with the obvious one: it can be really hot and itchy to wear one. But once you get past it, you’ll be able to enjoy wigs more. The other con is that gluing the wig to your hairline can cause it to recede. If you do choose to wig it, keep in mind lace front wigs can cause your hairline to recede because of the glue.

Trim, trim, trim

Maybe it’s time to go for a trim before 2019 ends! There’s actual to cutting your hair for it grow longer. The cutting itself isn’t what makes your hair grow longer. Trimming removes the dry, brittle and split ends, which prevents them to split from the end of your hair to the root. It seems counterintuitive but trimming hair is healthier and encourages hair growth. This one isn’t just a natural hair trend, it’s actually a healthy habit to adopt. Although you shouldn’t overdo it, try going for a proper hair trim every 3 to 4 months, if you haven’t yet it’s time to go, 2020 is already knocking on the door

Hair trim on 4C natural hair.

How to know you need a trim

This is how you can tell your natural hair needs a trim:

  • Your ends can feel dry;
  • your hair doesn’t properly shrink. If you wash it and you have shrinkage on the roots and then the rest is straight, it’s time for a trim;
  • you can also stroke a hair strand from end to root. Take one hair strand, hold on the end of the hair then with the other slide it between two fingers from end to root. If it feels bumpy and uneven, it’s healthy: that texture is called keratin. It’s what’s coating your hair and preventing it from damage. If however, the texture is all smooth you have hair damage, trim all the part that feels smooth because it’s basically unrecoverable.

Temporary Hair dying

They say rich in colour, rich in life. It’s time to put that into practice with this natural hair trend. What if we told you can dye your hair without damaging it, would you be willing to try it then? Temporary hair dyes were made for us to have a stress-free experience. It usually comes in creamy thick consistency; all you do is make your hair damp then apply the colour in light layers until you get to the colouring you wish. Having your hair wet or moisturize will activate the colour on your hair. What this temporary hair dye does is coating the shaft of your hair without penetrating to the core. It’s fun to play around with if you like colours or have an event to attend.

Temporary hair dye on curly hair

Is it damaging?

If you’re thinking what’s the catch? It’s too good to be true. There are no proven damaging effects yet. In theory, it can’t be damaging because the colouring product doesn’t penetrate the cortex of your hair so it cannot damage your natural colour. If you want to be cautious, make sure to deep condition and hydrate your hair (check our ongoing deal with Jumia) so you protect your hair with extra moisture. Interested in this natural hair trend? Check @mofajangkenya on Instagram to purchase a jar of temporary hair dye of your choice.

Let’s end this 2010s era with a bang and try one of these trends. Tag us on social media @mosarakenya if you do try it!

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