10 Hairstyles for natural hair

10 Hairstyles for natural hair

Posted by Mosara Kenya | Sep 8, 2020

It’s back-to-school season, it’s time for those hairstyles ideas for natural hair that are school friendly; to avoid those morning fights and struggles. Worry not, these ideas are also suitable for adults, there are hairstyles that can be worn by kids, teenagers, college goers and adults. Grab a cup of tea and get cosy, this is the perfect Nairobi weather to read a blog.

Prepare your hair

Before putting any lasting hairstyle, whether it’s protective hairstyling or something that will pull on your strands, make sure to deep treat. As we’ve seen in some of our previous blogposts, deep treating will allow your follicles to close in the moisture, and keep the dirt out. It’s even more beneficial before you put a hairstyle that requires a lot of pulling and tugging, because the deep treatment is adding those oils that your hair need in order not be brittle. Use our very own deep treatment masque before styling your hair this season.

Protective hairstyles for natural hair

Starting with protective hairstyling, we have 6 hairstyles for natural hair that can last relatively long and most importantly that are in-style.

Fulani braids

Hairstyle idea: fulani braids

Fulani braids are those flat braids with creative patterns and beads that we’ve seen all celebrities wear from Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian! They are called Fulani braids because they are inspired by the patters and beads worn by the Fulani people from Western Africa. They look very artistic and you can decide what type of pattern you’re going for. If it’s for your own children, you can add beads and strings to make them more fun.

Knotless three strands

Hairstyle for natural hair: knotless three strands

We all know three strands braids, we’ve been wearing them since we were babies probably, but have you heard of knotless three strands? They are three strands with a twist, there’s no knot formed on top of your hair to make them last longer. They still last 5-7 weeks, and they don’t tangle your hair as much because, they are KNOTLESS!

Passion twists

Passion twists

Twists are back in style, and we’re seeing them everywhere. Passion twists are just twists that use extensions called water waves (buy them here). They look wavy and wet, giving it a curly wet natural hair vibe. They are very in at the moment, and if you don’t like following trends, we might convince you otherwise. Passion twists get better as they get older, meaning they can actually last 8 weeks or more!! Perfect hairstyle for our college girls and even adults, because they look very elegant.

Regular twists

Natural hair twists

These are your regular two strands twists on your own hair. They are perfect for small children that keep removing their hair or need their hair washed more regularly due to sandpits shenanigans. Actually, twists can also be worn by anyone who wears a wig as a protective hairstyle because they are pretty light and easy to do. This hairstyle is for natural hair that needs regular washing because it’s easy taking them down and then re-twisting.

Flat twists

Hairstyle for natural hair: flat twists

Parents, hear us out. Are you bored with the regular flat braids for your kids? Because flat twisting is the next best thing. You can do the usual half-half, with the front half flat twisted and the back half in regular twists. Perfect change for your kid and cutest hairstyle for natural hair for back-to-school season.

Senegalese twists

Gabrielle Union in Senegalese twists

Seeing a pattern? All our hairstyle ideas for natural hair have a West African inspiration. Huge shout out to any West Africans reading us, we embrace all types of culture at Mosara. The last twisting hairstyle: Senegalese twists, they are those really thin and long twists. They are elegant and sophisticated, not for kids but for all of you ladies who are already working, they are perfect. Try them out, they are a speciality at Kenyatta Market. With 2 to 3 hairdressers on your head, you’re assured to be done in a couple of hours as opposed to one hairdresser doing them.

Natural Hair up dos

If you’re not a protective hairstyle person, this is your section. We have hairstyles here to wear your natural hair out.

High puff braid out

Natural hair in high puff hairstyle

Our go-to high puff, signature hairstyle for natural hair. It never goes out of style and it never ceases to look beautiful. To achieve it, you’ll have to wear a braid out, whether it’s twists or matutas. After washing your hair, go ahead and apply Mosara’s hydrating butter on your hair while it is still damp then twist or braid them. Keep it overnight then remove them in the morning, sleek your hair into a puff, tie it and you’re good to go.

Ponytail plus extensions

Low ponytail on natural hair with extensions

If you want to give something extra to your regular pony, you can always add extensions. Section your hair into four parts, stretch one end and go over it with a blow-dryer but do not touch the hair, it will start stretching on its own. Repeat for all parts, then sleek it into a high/low pony then tie it. Just attach your chosen extensions and you’ll have an elegant look suitable for work, weddings, conferences, baptism, and many more.

Funky hairstyles

Last but not least, funky hairdos. Not your regular hairstyles for natural hair but it’s good to switch things up once in a while, there’s no worse feeling than having boring hair so why not.

Bantu knots

Natural hairstyle: bantu knots

Bantu knots, as their name suggest were a hairstyle worn by bantu women. From eastern to southern Africa. They consist of twisting your hair into small puffs all over your head. It’s a very funky and extravagant hairstyle that is usually seen at festivals. They look good on anyone, and by wearing them we’re celebrating our culture, so why not.


Natural hair in a mohawk with pins

Finally, our famous Mohawk. This hairstyle literally rocks. If you want a creative hairstyle but your hair is not yet long enough for an afro puff, this should be your go-to. You just have to sleek your hair towards the middle of your head and add pins to support it. You can play around with the patterns and colours of your pins to make it even funkier. A definite must-try from us.

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