Developing a Skin Care Routine That Works

Developing a Skin Care Routine That Works

Posted by Mosara Kenya | Sep 8, 2020

Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, developing a skin care routine that works for your type of skin is the key to avoiding dryness, battling, managing and treating acne, as well as reducing scars and stretch marks.

Let’s get into what you need to know.

We begin by confirming that yes, your skin is the largest organ in your body. It is the number one organ to react to what you eat, how well you sleep and your environment. This obviously means that you will always need to give it loads of TLC (TENDER LOVING CARE).

To build an effective skin care routine, let’s talk about some of the most basic steps you can add to your skin care routine for beautiful healthy skin.

1. Understand your Skin

You have to understand your skin to come up with an effective skincare routine. There are four types of skin. Oily, normal, dry and combination. Your skin type is dictated by various factors such as genetics, age and the environment. Your skin type determines how you retain water, sebum production and how prone you are to conditions such as acne and eczema.

A. Normal skin

This skin is balanced meaning it does not produce excess sebum or become very oily. This skin type is not very prone to conditions such as acne or eczema. However, this does not mean that those with normal skin should avoid having a skin care regimen. You still need to moisturise and take preventative measures to keep your skin looking supple and feeling soft.

B.Oily skin

This skin type has sebaceous glands which are working extra hard to produce oil. This makes it very prone to acne. It is determined by genetics and environmental factors. Some of the indicators of oily skin are enlarged pores and a general look of oiliness. If you have oily skin, make sure you use gentle cleansers and light moisturizers that do not clog your pores. Don’t exclude moisturizers because the drier your skin becomes, the more oil it produces.

C. Dry skin

This skin type is also determined by genetics and the environment. People with dry skin run the risk of suffering from psoriasis, eczema and other dry skin ailments. It is important to note that our skin becomes drier as we age, regardless of our skin types. If you have dry skin, make sure you use gentle cleansers and products with pack your skin with moisture. Moisture is extremely essential in your skin care routine.

D. Combination skin

This is the most common category. People with combination skin have an oily T zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dry or normal areas around their cheeks, eyes and mouth region. The common signs that someone has combination skin is dry patches around the cheeks and mouth and an oily T zone. For this skin type, it is important to come up with a skin care regimen that works for you

2. Skin Care Hacks for Beautiful Skin

Now that we have gotten skin types out of the way, it is time to discuss the skin care tricks that apply across the board.

keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water

A. Hydration

It is important to drink enough water throughout the day. This will ensure that your hair and skin look and feel moisturized. Make sure you get in those eight (8) glasses of water daily. Hydration starts from the inside out. This has to be the most important part of the skin care process.

Work on your diet

You are what you eat. How well or how badly you eat will definitely show on your skin. If you consume fatty foods then you might notice that your skin produces a lot of oil or that you break out a lot. Make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables so that your skin is cared for from the inside out.

B. Exercise

Exercise regularly to ensure your body remains healthy. This tones the skin on your body keeping it tight and youthful. Sweating also helps to clear your skin because your skin is removing toxins.

Working out also makes you feel good. This good feeling means stress-causing hormones have been suppressed. These stress hormones are the ones which cause breakouts and break down your collagen which leads to your skin looking wrinkly.

It would be awesome if you could go to the gym regularly. However, if you can’t walking is an easy way to get some form of exercise into your life. Instead of taking that matatu just to get to the shop, take a walk. Little steps like these will help you get a good amount of exercise in.

C. Cleanse daily

Make sure you cleanse your skin, both on your face and body, daily. You have to clean your skin if you want to maintain its overall health. Cleansing is a skin care step that you cannot afford to ignore. Make sure you get cleansers which do not irritate your skin.

D. Exfoliate

Make sure you exfoliate often. This helps get rid of the dead skin to reveal the beautiful, supple skin underneath. Don’t do it daily though because it is not good for skin care. If you really like exfoliating, do it every other day to avoid causing micro-tears in the skin and to give your skin enough time to recover.

E. Save the bulk of your skin care for night time

Your skin repairs itself as you sleep. The best time to cleanse and moisturize is night time because the skin has enough time to absorb the products you have applied on it. During the day you are exposed to a lot of external factors which may hinder the effectiveness of your skin care products.

F. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is so important for skin care. It shields you from the harmful rays of the sun which can dry your skin out and cause cancer. Make sure you get a product that will not make you look ashy.

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Until next time, keep glowing!

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