Kasha Technologies

Kasha Technologies

Posted by Mosara Kenya | Sep 8, 2020

Ladies! Come closer…

Let me enlighten you on how Kasha technologies is a game-changer.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You are in a public place, minding your own business, possibly even at a gathering flexing your social skills when suddenly you feel a little damp down south. You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom when you see that dreaded red spot!

I can feel you nodding in agreement through the screen. Sometimes we just get our dates mixed up or thanks to stress and hormone imbalances our bodies can decide to surprise us. Trust me you are not alone. It happens to many of us.

This is one of the many scenarios that catch us off-guard and short of having a friend with a stash of something you can use in their bags, we are at a loss of what to do. Well, worry not! Thanks to modern-day technology, the wonderful people over at Kasha Technologies developed a solution for this and a few more lady troubles.

About Kasha Technologies

Kasha is an online shopping platform that offers health and personal care products carefully selected to cater to the Millennial African Woman. Their focus not only involves providing you with what you need when you need it but doing this discretely.

Their mission is to make it easy for women to access healthcare and personal care products without the stigma that surrounds purchasing these items.

We all know that odd feeling when you go to a shop and want to buy the morning after pill or a pack of condoms. No one wants to deal with the awkwardness of such situations. Having access to this service ensures that women from both rural and urban areas have access to basic necessities such as sanitary towels and even personal care items so you might as well do all the shopping you need. Their prices are affordable and their delivery efficient.

Kasha is founded on the belief that women should have access to the products and information they need to control their own destiny.

Kasha Technologies

Once you access their site you get to learn a lot about what Kasha’s mission is and how they are taking strides towards it. You also get to see the many lives they have impacted positively. Their biggest goal is empowering women because they understand that by doing that, they empower the whole society.

How do you get the service, you ask?

They have utilized every possible channel to make accessing their services as easy as possible.

Option 1: Get onto your browser and search www.kasha.co.ke in Kenya or www.kasha.rw in Rwanda. Their site is effortless to navigate. The colors are also lovely which is a welcome sight.

Option 2: Don’t have a computer, smart-phone or out of bundles? No worries! Just dial *911# or call 9111 and order whatever it is you need.

Option 3: Download their app from the Google play store. This makes it easier to get online and place your orders on a regular basis.

Once you have made your order you can pay for your items via debit/credit card, Mpesa or cash on delivery.

The only thing left to do is wait for them to deliver the goods.

Support a Good Endeavour

This is a beautiful initiative aimed at empowering women from every background. Kasha even goes as far as offering much-needed education to women. Every woman needs to know about reproductive health and how to react when their bodies behave a certain way.

Kasha also offer discretion. There is no fear of stigma or discrimination. Women can access services from the comfort of wherever they are. It is also nice to know that there is an accessible service that can deliver medicine fast.

Kasha has also partnered with organizations which are known for their substantial contributions to society. They include the Bill and Melind Gates foundatoin among others.

You can check Kasha out in order to learn more about them via www.kasha.co.

Mosara & Kasha

Kasha Technologies is one of Mosara Kenya’s authorized retailers. You can now buy all of Mosara’s products from their site and have it delivered to you wherever you are. Talk about convenience!

Kasha also offers a 10% discount on your first purchase of any products. Use the discount code, KASHA1 to access your discount.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the site and explore it yourself!

Until next time, go out there and kill it!

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