Simple Routine: for Your Kids Natural Hair

Simple Routine: for Your Kids Natural Hair

Posted by Mosara Kenya | Sep 7, 2020

Good products that are a must. This your little one’s scalp after all. We will of course shamelessly recommend the Mosara range of products.

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Steps in the Kids Natural Hair Care Routine

These routine items apply to both boys or girls with long hair or hair you’re intending to grow out long. It can be dreadlocked, worn in protective styles or open.

1. Cleansing

An important step in every natural hair care routine is the shampoo process. Product residue and plain old dirt and sweat build up over time blocking moisture from entering the hair follicles. And don’t forget that your kids will tall likely get all manner of things stuck in their hair. The result is stinky, matted dry hair!

Using a gentle shampoo, wash your child’s hair every 1 – 2 weeks

2. Conditioning and Deep Conditioning

Making your kid sit under a hooded drier with deep conditioner is a tall order for some. Don’t worry If your child is one the running around ones. There are two runarounds. Let them go out and play with a shower cap and headwrap on. Doesn’t matter if they fall off. The heat from playing should be just as good.

It’s also not fair or necessary to make them do this all the time. So instead condition it once and deep condition it the next time. But make sure you add some type of conditioner to it every time you wash it.

3. Moisturizing

 Another important step. If you moisturize your kid’s hair properly, you could save yourself the need to remoisturize it better wash days. We highly recommend our hydrating butter for this. When applied to damp hair, it can leave hair moisturized for up to two weeks with proper care.

But the general advice is to use a good to great leave-in conditioner and make sure to lock it in with an oil or butter. Whenever it looks dull or feels dry, simply spray it with water and re-apply the leave-in conditioner and oil/butter.

4. Styling

With clean moisturized hair, the only thing left to consider is hairstyles. We are always updating this Pinterest board with inspiring hairstyles for every occasion. 

From hairstyles that are suitable for school to creative styles with ribbons and pops of colourful thread.

Extras: Pre Shampoo Treatments, Massage and Steaming

As your child gets older, you will soon be able to add some of these extras. They definitely help with overall hair growth.

Massaging your child’s scalp will boost hair growth and will overall be a pleasant experience for your kid. Before you rinse out the deep treatment masque, give the scalp a 2-5-minute massage. This a good time for them to help too. Kids love being included in those small activities where they can feel like they contributed to taking care of themselves. They will feel like they are part of the process, not just being on the receiving end.

Pre-shampoo treatments can also be added to your child’s natural haircare routine. While the hair is in sections, dampen the hair and apply your choice of pre-shampoo treatment. It can be an oil or a conditioner or better yet both. Avocado oil is really great for this, as is our rich conditioner. Use this time to comb out any tangles and remove any shed hair.

A little scary for many children, steaming the hair helps to moisturize very dry hair. Try to steam your kids’ hair after age 6. You can steam their hair while deep conditioning. It opens up the cuticle and allows the product to penetrate and hydrate the strand more thoroughly. This is beneficial for any hair type.

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